My Best Budget Webcams For Streaming Under $50 In 2024

In this article I will help you find the best budget USB webcams for entry-level online streaming on Twitch or YouTube without breaking the bank. Get the best bang for your buck with our list of 5 cheap webcams that you can get for under 50 dollars that offer decent quality facecam streaming capabilities at an affordable price. I will help you figure out which one is right for you, so let’s get started!

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Photo:Model:Description:The price:
EMEET Webcam– A simple bare-bones webcam for a little bit over 30$. Pretty good for starting out.
1080p, 90° FOV, 30 fps.
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Logitech C920e HD– Common choice under 50$. Good performance for a great price.
1080p, 78° FOV, 30 fps.
See on Amazon
NexiGo N60– 110 degrees FOV, 30 fps and built-in noise reduction.
1080p, 110° FOV, 30 fps.
See on Amazon
NexiGo N660– Another NexiGo model variation with a little bit different chassis design.
1080p, 110° FOV, 30 fps.
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JIGA Streaming Webcam– Built-in basic ringlight with brightness and color warmth adjustment.
1080p, 90° FOV, 30 fps.
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My recommended budget streaming webcams –

What to Look for in a Budget Webcam for Streaming?

When shopping for a budget webcam for streaming, it is important to consider several factors, such as the camera resolution, field of view, and the max frame rate supported. Resolution is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a webcam, as higher resolution will in most cases result in a crisper, clearer image. When you’re searching for an affordable budget webcam though, you most likely won’t be looking at 4k cams as these tend to be way more expensive than the full HD 1080p ones.

Additionally, you’ll want to consider the field of view, as this will determine how wide an area the camera can capture. This is important, as unlike with a DSLR with variable focal lengths you won’t be able to adjust the webcam’s FOV without digitally cutting into the image resulting in substantial quality loss.

Lastly, frame rate is also somewhat important if for example you’d like to have your likeness presented to your audience in 60 fps with the aid of software that supports it. Higher frame rates provide smoother and more “realistic-looking” video, however they also might be more expensive.

All of these factors should be considered when shopping for a budget webcam for online video streaming be it on Twitch or YouTube.

1. EMEET Webcam

EMEET Webcam - the most popular options under 50 dollars.
EMEET Webcam – the most popular options under 50 dollars.

If you are looking for a great budget webcam that won’t break the bank, the EMEET C960 webcam is an excellent choice. This webcam is great for starting out, and it offers a range of basic features to enhance your experience.

With its built-in privacy cover, adjustable stand and easy to set up mount it’s a really great pick! It also features additional noise reduction function making use of additional microphones present on the device. Neat!

  • 1080p, 90° FOV, 30 fps.
  • One of the most popular choices on Amazon.
  • Built-in 2 noise reduction mics.
  • Reasonably good low light performance.

2. Logitech C920e

Logitech C920e - a budget quality webcam from Logitech.
Logitech C920e – a budget quality webcam from Logitech.

The Logitech C920e webcam. With its 78° fixed field of view, two integrated omnidirectional microphones and automatic light correction, the C920e is perfect for video calls, meetings, and also – video streaming. It also includes an attachable privacy screen that flips up and down to cover or expose the lens, so you can always be sure your workspace is secure.

It’s certified for Zoom, TAA compliant, and works with all popular video calling applications, and it’s one of the most popular picks out there both for live streamers and people who need a high quality video stream for online conferences. As you will see in a while, it also has its older discontinued version which you can get used for as little as 20 dollars!

  • 1080p, 78° FOV, 30 fps.
  • Omnidirectional microphone built in.
  • Auto light correction feature.
  • A Climate Pledge Friendly product.

3. NexiGo N60

NexiGo N60 - wide FOV and convenient setup.
NexiGo N60 – wide FOV and convenient setup.

NexiGo N60 webcam is yet another good budget choice when it comes to cheaper cams for conferencing and entry-level video streaming. It features a nice wide FOV of 110 degrees (the highest on this list) and an easy clip-on mount mechanism with a turning base.

NexiGo webcams are quickly gaining popularity in the budget-webcam category and their image output quality is on par with the Logitech devices available in the same price range. With the simple adjustable mount and privacy cover built-in, it has all you need to begin your streaming journey without any compromises in quality. And look at that 110 degrees FOV!

  • 1080p, 110° FOV, 30 fps.
  • High FOV for wide area coverage.
  • Neat 360 degrees turning base and 180 degrees up and down adjustment.
  • Often on sale.

4. NexiGo N660

NexiGo N660 - a neat design variation on its predecessor.
NexiGo N660 – a neat design variation on its predecessor.

A variation on the NexiGo60 design – the NexiGo N660. Separate light indicators for power and recording, the same quality 110° field of view and great image quality.

While it’s largely the same as the previous iteration of the NexiGo series which I’ve already mentioned, it’s worth noting that it’s often available for a similar price – which is still way under 50 bucks!

  • 1080p, 110° FOV, 30 fps.
  • Redesigned NexiGo N60.
  • Easy to mount on almost every screen.

5. JIGA Streaming Webcam

JIGA Streaming Webcam - a built-in ringlight webcam for under $50!
JIGA Streaming Webcam – a built-in ringlight webcam for under $50!

This one is really nice. The JIGA Streaming Webcam not only features an actual stereo microphone but it also has a small ringlight built in. You can adjust the light brightness levels and the color warmth (there are two presets available – white light and warm light).

When it comes to all-in-one webcam solutions that will serve you for a long time after purchase this one is definitely worth looking into. Overall pretty neat option for under $40!

  • 1080p, 90° FOV, 30 fps.
  • Dual, stereo microphone.
  • Very nice and sleek form factor.
  • Built-in ringlight with brightness and color warmth adjustment.

The Winner In The Budget Category – Logitech C920

Logitech C920 used is one of the best picks for a budget streaming webcam.
Getting a Logitech C920 webcam used is one of the best ways to get an affordable and high quality camera for streaming!

If you can manage to find the Logitech C920 used (for example here, over on Ebay – the prices range from 20-30$), this can be your best bet when it comes to getting a great quality streaming facecam for a relatively little money.

But is it really worth it? Well, this webcam is the younger brother of the Logitech C920e which I’ve already mentioned before, and its quality is on par with all the cameras that are present on this list, and it might as well be the best inexpensive webcam to get right now. It’s a no-brainer if you’re on a tight budget!

Although this webcam has already been officially discontinued by Logitech, you can still catch the units that are left over on Amazon, if you’d prefer to get it new.

More affordable webcams on Ebay:

Why You Might Want to Choose an Actual Camera Over a Webcam for Streaming

If you’re looking for higher quality image, an actual camera (for example a DSLR) is a much better choice than a webcam. It’s not a big surprise that basic webcams under 60 dollars won’t be able to provide you with the image quality you see when it comes to the live content by most popular video game streamers. This is also why most beginner novice streamers use basic webcams only as simple temporary solutions.

A dedicated camera will most likely provide you with better image resolution, higher frame rates, and better low-light performance, all of which are important when it comes to streaming. Additionally, a camera will often have more features and settings, allowing you to customize the video output to look the best it can.

If you already own a DSLR or a mirrorless camera, check if it supports any kind of live view video output. If it does, there is a high chance that you can rather easily use it as a video source for the facecam on your streams.

Best Affordable Webcams for Streaming – The Conclusion

There are quite a lot of affordable >50$ webcams that you can use on the beginning of your streaming journey. Here is our selection.
There are quite a lot of affordable >50$ webcams that you can use on the beginning of your streaming journey. Here is my selection.

So, if you’re looking for a relatively cheap and affordable webcam for streaming, you can’t go wrong with any of the models we’ve discussed here. Whether you’re looking for something basic and reliable, or something a bit more advanced with extra features, there’s an option out there that’s perfect for you. Check out the cams from this selection (including the little bonus at the end) and soon you’ll be able to enjoy smooth, high-quality streaming experience from the comfort of your own home without spending a fortune on streaming accessories.

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