Which Webcam Does Jerma985 Use?

What kind of webcam does Jerma use during his Twitch streams for the live facecam video? Is it any good? Hehe, we’re about to let you in on that. Well, here is the exact camera model without a lengthy nonsense introduction.

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Jerma985’s Webcam Model

Jerma uses the Logitech Brio webcam in most of his Twitch streams as of recent when he’s not using his DSLR for the live facecam video. This is confirmed both in this YouTube video (02:00:36) and more recently here (00:12:04).

He also mentions that the Logitech Brio might not really be the best choice for streaming in the end. All in all, hooking up a DSLR camera to your streaming rig is often the better way to go (if your camera supports any kind of live view functionality). Check out the included YouTube links!

There you have it, a satisfying and short answer, nothing more to say here.

Choosing a Basic Webcam for Streaming

Choosing a webcam in the beginning of your streaming career might seem like a tough task, especially with quite a lot of simple cheap and unreliable bare-bones “web conference” webcams that can be found all around the market these days.

When you’re just starting out, most cheapo webcams will be enough for getting your pretty face out there, however it’s best not to expect extremely high image quality from most devices that are priced below ~$40.

If you’re currently searching for a good quality webcam to use for streaming (without spending too much), this might be a nice list to check out: 5 Best Affordable Webcams For Beginner Streamers

In the end, if you’re serious about streaming in general, we strongly advise you to invest in a higher quality camera from the get go. Good luck!

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