Robux To USD Currency Calculator

How much are your Robux worth in USD? How much Robux can you purchase for a certain amount of money? Both these calculators are here to help you with quickly converting any chosen amount of Robux to US dollars, and the other way around! Scroll down for the tool and enjoy!

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Here Is How The Robux Are Calculated

This calculator, unlike the other ones available online, takes into the account all of the bulk discounts you get when purchasing larger amounts of Robux, which makes it way more accurate when calculating the actual value of larger amounts of the Roblox currency.

Remember, our calculators tell you the actual USD value of the input amount of Robux, but if you’re checking the worth of say 801 Robux, while the calculation will still be correct, you won’t be able to purchase your Robux in that exact amount, as the smallest amount of Robux you can buy is 80. The calculator also doesn’t take into account the recently discontinued 75,000 Robux package, so keep that in mind!

Robux To USD Calculator

Here you can enter your chosen amount of Robux, and after clicking the “Calculate” button, you will be shown how much are they worth in US dollars. Calculate away!

USD To Robux Calculator

This calculator can tell you how much Robux you could potentially purchase for a given price. Keep in mind that currently Robux are only sold in 80, 400, 800, 1700, 4500, 10000 and 22500 unit packages.

Quick Robux Conversions

Here are some quick conversions for the most commonly searched amounts of Robux. The calculations do include bulk discounts. Feel free to use the calculators above if the answer you’re looking for is not in this list!

  • 1 Robux ≈>0.01 USD
  • 100 Robux ≈ 1.25 USD
  • 1000 Robux ≈ 11.76 USD
  • 100,000 Robux ≈ 888.85 USD
  • 1,000,000 Robux ≈ 8,888.49 USD
  • 10 USD ≈ 850 Robux
  • 100 USD ≈ 11,251 Robux
  • 1000 USD ≈ 112,505.00 Robux
  • 1,000,000 USD ≈ 112,505,000 Robux

So now you see what it would be like to break the bank on 1 million Robux!

List updated – 1st quarter of this year.

Are Robux Cheaper In Turkey?

Robux as an in-game currency are cheaper in Turkey, when compared to the regular USA prices.
Are Robux in fact cheaper when purchased from the Turkey region? Here are the facts.

Yes, Robux are indeed cheaper when bought from Turkey, and that is the case with many different in-game items, currencies and games themselves when purchased from certain world regions.

While in theory you could purchase Robux from an account changed to the Turkey region while using a VPN, and pay a little bit less, this process also comes with a risk of losing your account because of violating the Roblox TOS which might quite understandably result in a permanent account ban.

In general, the grey-market practices of using a VPN and account region transfers to game the system and get region-locked discounts for games and in-game currencies are widespread and well-known. The question is: is it worth both your time, and the risk of getting your account banned?

Is Roblox Premium Worth It?

With Roblox premium which is available as a monthly subscription service, you’ll get more Robux for less money, a nice 10% discount of Robux purchases, and a few additional benefits.

So it’s up to you to decide if you want to opt-in for a recurring monthly payment for these additional bonuses that you can get from the Roblox Premium subscription. For me personally, it doesn’t really cut it and I’ll stick with the free account at least for now!

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