Does Lasso Affiliate Have a Free Version or Trial? – Yes, Kinda

While the Lasso affiliate plugin doesn’t really have a free version or free trial, it does have a 14-day money back guarantee and a great policy when it comes to ceasing and cancelling your subscription, even after using it for a few months. Will your links break when you stop using the plugin? The actual answer lies below.

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No Free Trial, But a 14-day Money Back Guarantee

Lasso (which is the plugin I’ve been going on about for quite some time now for a good reason), does not have a free trial in the traditional sense, but it has a strict unconditional 14-day money back policy, and thus you’re able to freely test it for 14 days and you’re able to get a full refund without specifying a reason, if you don’t find it useful for your affiliate marketing campaigns. Remember though – you’re only eligible for the refund once – after your first purchase, and only within the said 14 days from the transaction date.

To get your money back, write to the Lasso support team before the 14-day mark passes and once they respond, they will take care of the refund for you. As with all refund policies initiated in that way, it’s best to do that a few days in advance – the response from the support team might take some time.

What Happens To Your Product Displays and Links After Cancellation?

When you decide to cancel your paid Lasso subscription, and you can do that at any time, you luckily won’t be faced with broken links or tables, as long as you keep the Lasso plugin activated, as per their customer-friendly cancellation policy.

After your subscription license cancellation all of your affiliate links will remain functional and you’ll even still be able to update them via the Lasso plugin interface. The only thing you won’t be able to do is to add new links, which is quite understandable. You will also lose access to the link reports on your dashboard.

This means that the only way to remove Lasso links after cancellation is by hand, and it’s recommended to remove your links using the Lasso dashboard before you cancel. Your links will break only if you deactivate the Lasso plugin before link replacement.

Is Lasso Affiliate Worth Your Time?

So, while Lasso doesn’t have a “free trial” per se, it allows you to test out all of its features for 14 days from the purchase date, and if you cancel your subscription anytime before that you will get all your money back. This is pretty much an equivalent of a free trial in the traditional sense.

Keep in mind that even the least expensive Lasso plan gives you access to nearly all of the professional features for one site, so you’re able to pretty much test all of the Lasso functionalities while using it. Higher subscription tiers are mostly connected with higher traffic/revenue caps and more website licenses.

If you still aren’t sure if it’s worth to give Lasso a try, I have a pretty nice write up on all of the plugin’s features that you won’t find anyone else talk about! You can check it out here – Should You Get Lasso Affiliate This Year? – Let’s Investigate!

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