Genesis Crystals To USD Calculator (Genshin Impact Currency Converter)

If you’re curious how much money would you need to purchase a certain amount of Primogems or supply bundles, or you simply would like to know how much your Genesis Crystals are worth in real life currency, you’re in the right place!

How Does This Calculator Work?

Genesis Crystals currency conversion calculator tool.
This calculator does take the extra crystals that come with larger purchases into account, although it doesn’t include the first time purchase bonus.

This calculator is more accurate than other ones you can find online, just because it takes the bonus extra Crystals you can get with larger bulk purchases into account when giving you the final amount of the Genesis Crystals you can buy, or the worth of a given amount of Crystals. It does not include the first-time purchase double Crystal bonus though.

Using it you can either input the amount of crystals you want to purchase in the future and see approximately how much money would you need, or input the amount of Crystals a certain in-game item costs, and then see how much it’s worth in real life in US dollars!

This tool works really well and it’s able to give you very close results, with the supposition that you’re buying your Crystals with the prices equivalent to the price per Crystal on the package that offers the best price for the specific currency amount you’re getting. The currency pricing update is equal to the update date of this very article.

So let’s get straight to the calculator! Just enter the appropriate values and then click on the Calculate button.

Genesis Crystals to US Dollars (USD) Calculator

Here you can see how much is a given amount of GC worth in USD.

US Dollars (USD) To Genesis Crystals Calculator

And here you can input a chosen amount of money, and the calculator will tell you approximately how much GC you could get for that.

Quick Genesis Crystal Price Table

You can check the worth of your Genesis Crystals with this tool.
How much are your Genesis Crystals worth? Let’s see!

Here is the quick conversion table, if you just want to know the pricing of some most commonly asked for round GC amounts:

  • 1 Genesis Crystal ≈<0.01 USD
  • 100 Genesis Crystals ≈ 1.51 USD
  • 1,000 Genesis Crystals ≈ 13.75 USD
  • 1,000,000 Genesis Crystals ≈ 12,374.71 USD
  • 1 USD ≈ 61 Genesis Crystals
  • 10 USD ≈ 727 Genesis Crystals
  • 100 USD ≈ 8,081 Genesis Crystals
  • 1,000 USD ≈ 80,810.00 Genesis Crystals
  • 1,000,000 USD ≈ 80,810,000.00 Genesis Crystals

A Friendly Reminder – Don’t Fall For Online Scams

You can’t purchase Genesis Crystals or any Genshin Impact in-game currency type in any other way than doing it via the official Genshin Impact game app, or buying a legitimate developer approved gift-card. Just remember that.

It may be tempting to give in and “try out” some of the sites which offer free or ridiculously cheap Crystals from various shady places but believe me, in most if not all cases it will end up with you getting scammed out of your money, or losing access to your in-game account. Be careful out there!

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